Digigrow is a complete monitoring and control solution for indoor and outdoor cultivations

Through a set of wireless devices and a web-application, Digigrow enables you to have a complete overview of your production environment through your smartphone.

Design your own network

Digigrow sensors are specialy designed for the agricultural field, reliable, ideal for indoor, and outdoor conditions, and easy to install. Choosing for a wide range of sensors, you can equip your agricultural installations.­

Through a modern online platform, you can monitor sensor data in real-time and in a historical graph chart format. Additionaly, you can set alerts and automations for your equipment.

Desktop / Tablet / Mobile

Accessible from any connected device


Digigrow Electronics was established in 2014 in Athens, Greece, with the purpose of building a remote monitoring and control system for agriculture that utilizes the latest available technology. In the same year Digigrow became part of the Smartagrifood 2 project, a FI-WARE business acceleration program that focuses on ICT solutions for agriculture.

Smart Agri-Food / FIWARE / EU

This project has received funding form the European Union.